About Love Your Wine

We are here to share our love of quality wines at all prices and to introduce you to exceptional examples from smaller independent growers. The scale of their vineyards means that they are often overlooked,which allows us to share their treasures and so provide you with unexpected, superior drinking pleasure, taste and value.

Loveyourwine.co.uk was established by Chris Burn, a wine and spirits professional of 20 years' standing in companies large and small, in order to share his experience of the excellent wines that most of us are unaware of, either because they are not on the High St or because we prefer to stick to what we know. Once you have tasted some of these wines, we are confident you will appreciate the clear difference between the well and lovingly made and the mass-produced or the too-cheaply-produced.

The loveyourwine approach is to present a carefully selected range, predominantly from independent producers, described in terms that are as close as possible to plain English (given the particular challenges of writing about flavours and aromas). 

Our aim is to bring you greater drinking pleasure and value, by finding growers that you may not have heard of, whose wines are sold mainly in the better dining establishments and who are recognised for their consistent crafting of outstanding wines. They always provide exceptional value since more of what you pay goes into making their wines than is normally the case, so that you enjoy superior quality - at honest everyday prices.

So whether you are an avid lover of wine, someone who enjoys a good glass or two and knows what you like, or somewhere in between, we would like to take you on a journey of discovery.

Loveyourwine.co.uk  brings you a broad range of styles, grape varieties and prices from Europe and the New World. We stock wines from producers who represent the best in their region. If we have not found the top quality and value that we require in every price range, we may not always have some wine styles or grape varieties at certain prices.

As we expand this range of different – and we hope interesting, wines – please do let us know what you think of them and what your preferences are.We shall publish your wine reviews, so please tell us what you think of what you drink - the  opportunity to do this comes in a questionnaire that you will receive a couple of weeks after your order is despatched.

We aim to inspire you to experiment with some high quality wines and show that you do not need to be an ‘expert’ to do so (nor have an unlimited budget).

We are here to provide you with wines that we think you’ll love, just as we do. Read on to see how to select and order your wine.

Using The Site

We aim to make the site as easy to use and as informative as possible. There is a comprehensive search facility to enable you to search using the categories you prefer in the way that you choose. We shall provide basic information on the wines and the growers, as simply as possible, with more detail sometimes a click away, if and when you want it.

Finding Wines to go with Food:

Use the search box (top right of screen) to enter simple food keywords and a selection of wines that go with that food will appear. This is not intended to be complex, so we have kept to relatively general food descriptions which can act as a guide to your choice and complement your own preference. Use one term at a time, the more general it is, the more options there are likely to be. If you enter two keywords, only wines featuring both of them will appear.

Here is a list of the main terms we have used in our food pairing suggestions in  individual wine descriptions: 

appetizers; aperitif; charcuterie; cold meat; foie gras; duck pate; salad; party; sardines; shellfish; seafood; scallops; fish; grilled fish

red meat; roast beef; steak; rich beef; stew; lamb; roast lamb; pork; poultry; white meat; grilled meat; grilled steak; barbeque; sausages; curry; Mediterranean; Lebanese; Asian

dessert; cheese; blue cheese.

Read about our Gift Service here. 

To order your wines:

1.Simply do your search, then click through on an individual product.

2.Once there you will find some more information, a box for the quantity you wish to order and an 'Add to Basket' button. 

Please note you only need to order ONE bottle of a particular wine at a time if you wish - the minimum order quantity is 6 bottles, but you may mix your own case.

3.After filling your case of 6 or 12 bottles, click on 'Checkout' to complete the payment and delivery details.There is an option for providing a delivery address other than your own. Click here to read about our Gift Service 

Please note that where there is a different price for 6 bottles of the same wine, this is shown as a separate product with the price for the total number of bottles.  

4.The cost of delivery per case (of either 6 or 12 bottles) is £5.95. Please place any special delivery instructions in the 'comments' box. This is done entirely at your own risk.

Please go to 'Choosing your wine' for a little more detail on the ordering process.

Returns Policy

1. We shall replace or provide credit for any defective wine.

2. If you are in any way not satisfied with the wines you order, please return them within 7 days for a full refund.